About Me and Castle Aesthetics

Welcome to Castle Aesthetics, a sanctuary dedicated to your beauty and well-being, where every treatment is carried out with precision, passion, and care. I am Dr Mary Ward, the founder of Castle Aesthetics, and here is a bit more about myself and the ethos of the clinic.

My Path to Castle Aesthetics

After a rewarding time in London, where I embraced diverse roles within the dental and maxillofacial fields, my journey took a turn into the captivating world of facial aesthetics. This transition was driven by a desire to combine artistry and science to enhance natural beauty and foster self-confidence among my patients.

The Castle Aesthetics Philosophy

Castle Aesthetics is not merely a clinic; it’s a manifestation of my commitment to delivering the utmost standard of care in facial aesthetics. Here, I believe that genuine beauty emanates from within and that our external appearance should reflect our inner vitality and zest for life.

A Personalised Approach

Recognising that each individual is unique, I ensure a bespoke experience at Castle Aesthetics. Your concerns, aspirations, and well-being are at the heart of every consultation and treatment. Together, we devise personalised treatment plans that not only aim to realise your aesthetic goals but also promote overall well-being.

Dedication to Excellence

My dedication to excellence is steadfast. By keeping up to date with the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine and engaging in continuous professional development, I endeavour to deliver outcomes that harmonise your natural features, ensuring results that are both beautiful and authentic.

Your Experience at Castle Aesthetics

At Castle Aesthetics, your journey is supported by an environment that is as welcoming and reassuring as it is professional. From the moment you step into our clinic, you will feel a sense of tranquillity and confidentiality, knowing that you are in capable and caring hands.

Join Me at Castle Aesthetics

I invite you to discover the possibilities at Castle Aesthetics, where your beauty and wellness journey is nurtured with expertise, care, and respect. Let us embark on this journey together, celebrating every facet of your unique beauty and ensuring you leave feeling confident and rejuvenated.